Director, Division of Consumer Services

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
Additional classifications: Government Sector
The mission of the Division of Consumer Services is to protect
consumers from illegal and fraudulent lending practices. The
division accomplishes its mission through licensing, conducting
examinations of the books and records of licensees, investigating
consumer complaints, and enforcing selected state and federal
statutes and rules relating to financial services.
The Division regulates and supervises the business activities of
consumer loan companies, mortgage brokers, mortgage servicers,
escrow agents and officers, money transmitters and currency
exchangers, as well as check cashers and sellers, also known as
"payday lenders."
The Division is entirely self-supporting, with funding provided
by licensing, auditing, and policing of regulated businesses and
individuals. No money is received from the state General Fund or
other public revenue source.
The Director of Consumer Services exercises general supervisory
control over the approximately 65 employees of the Division
including program managers, financial legal examiners, financial
examiners, and administrative staff, and also serves as a member of
DFI's Executive Management Team setting policies and strategic
direction for the agency as whole.
This position plans and directs licensing, examination, and
enforcement activities of the division to accomplish the statutory
objectives of protecting the public by overseeing compliance with
state and federal laws. Portions of this work are performed in
coordination with other states and appropriate federal agencies,
including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal
Trade Commission, and the Office of Housing and Urban
This position exercises broad statutory discretion over laws and
regulations involving non-depositary financial institutions and is
expected to participate in national and state regulatory
associations setting policy and direction in a rapidly changing
financial services environment.
We seek candidates who are experienced and possess a broad
knowledge of laws and policies impacting mortgage banking, mortgage
servicing, mortgage brokering, consumer loan companies, escrow
agents and officers, check cashers and sellers, payday lenders, and
money transmitters. Candidates must have the ability to adapt
quickly to the myriad of changes occurring in industries that DFI
Candidates must have strong negotiating and consensus building
skills to work with stakeholders on legislation and policy issues
and to negotiate with legal counsel representing respondents in
Division enforcement actions. Candidates will be active in
regulatory associations and participate in establishing regulatory
direction and policy for newly emerging markets, services, and
payment systems.
Degree from an accredited law school is desired.
This position is exempt and reports to the Department Director.
The salary for the position is up to $113,878 annually depending on
qualifications. To apply for the position please submit via email:
your resume, a letter of interest outlining your qualifications,
skills, and abilities as they relate to the recruitment
announcement, and a list of three professional references to Gerri
Davis, Human Resources Director. Email: ;
Phone: 902-8741Fax:(360)

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