Company Name:
Kalles Group

POSITION SUMMARY: The main objective of this role is to develop, grow, and sustain best-in-class database management practices. This Senior Database Administrator (Sr DBA) will embrace both traditional operational DBA responsibilities as well as solutions-focused application DBA functions. On the operational side Sr DBA will be responsible for building, and maintaining SQL Server environment in accordance with business and regulatory requirements. Application DBA duties of this role include higher-level responsibilities for long-term wellbeing of the data base environment. Some examples include: advising and assisting application developers with database schema design, performing database performance tuning, implementing database standards and best-practices.


1. Operational
o Install and maintain relational database software.
o Build, deploy, and maintain database structure, code objects and security
o Establish guidelines and facilitate data access
o Design, implement and maintain high-availability for MSSQL and MSAS and load balancing for MSRS
o Assist in installation and configuration of the DBMS hardware and operating systems.
o Monitor performance and usage on all database servers.
o Research and correct problems related to I/O, security, device assignments, user profiles and file system space, and related operating system processing
o Manage security for MSSQL, SSIS, MSAS, and MSRS
o Respond to DB related escalations 24/7 (when on call duty)

2. Application
o Perform application design reviews to assure consistent architecture, predictable performance and maintainability of database code
o Design, develop and implement data lifecycle processes (data partitioning, archiving, etc.)
o Develop stored procedures, views, functions, etc.
o Set up database implementation and development standards and best practices
o Develop training programs and educate development staff and user community (as needed) in applicable software.
o Analyze and performance tune SQL code, DB schema, indexing, and statistics.
3. Performs specific and delegated duties as assigned by Information Technology management.


o Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience
o SQL Server database administra tion of at least 6 years
o Experience managing SQL Server databases of at least 4TB in size
o Hands-on experience managing data warehousing databases and BI workloads
o Strong understanding of DBMS hardware and software configurations
o Familiarity with running SQL Server in virtualized environments (vmware)
o Administration or development experience with SSIS, MSAS and MSRS
o Ability to critically evaluate database designs for scalability, performance and maintainability
o Familiarity with MS SQL Server large system/high volume backup and recovery strategies
o Familiarity with Windows/SQL Server clustering
o Solid verbal and written communication skills

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